With challenges comes great opportunity.

6th generation Australian wine company Atze’s Corner have been selling wine into China for 18 months with great success using Australian distribution company “Three Kangaroos” owned by Xiang Wan Gao (Tally) and Yicun Liu (Eason), Pictured Below.


And Chinese distribution company Three Kangaroos (Tianjin) owned by Mr Xiang Shen GAO and Mr Yong Qing WANG.

During the last few months it has come to the attention of Atze’s Corner that Three Kangaroos have been making claims about wines that are false and misleading to customers. This is of major concern for Atze’s Corner with its high standard of honesty and 175 years of history growing premium wine grapes in the Barossa Valley.

These misleading claims include Three Kangaroos lying to their customers about various pieces of information, including claiming to have ownership in Atze’s Corner to which they have no shareholding (Atze’s is 100% owned by the Kalleske family in Australia), claiming that some of the Atze’s wines they sell have received higher reviews than they actually have, false vintage claims (Illegal in Australia pictured below, this is a 2016 vintage wine not 2013, it has also not won any awards which Three Kangaroos have attached to the wine) along with other indiscretions which Atze’s Corner wines deems inappropriate and un ethical. Including bottling counterfeit Atze’s Corner Wine in a facility near Shanghai.

As three Kangaroos applied for a trademark on the name Atze’s Corner (a very short time before Atze’s Corner made their application) Atze’s Corner will now cease to supply China with Atze’s Corner product and therefore any Atze’s Corner Wine in China will not be an Atze’s Corner wine.

It makes the 6th generation family who built the Atze’s Corner estate over 100’s of years very upset knowing that there could be a fake inferior product in the Chinese market place with their brand on it.

As such a great opportunity has presented itself; the family at Atze’s Corner will now create a separate exclusive genuine label for both the Chinese and Australian markets Andrew Kalleske’s own name, continuing to honour his Kalleske family who first landed in Australia in 1838.

To coincide with this the Kalleske family has partnered with IP Australia and great Australian company Vegemite to use a revolutionary new QR coding system to individually code each bottle giving the customer 100% assurance that they will not be buying a fake bottle of wine.

Owner of Atze’s corner Andrew Kalleske commented that while he is disappointed he can’t continue to grow his family’s Atze’s corner brand to the Chinese people that he loves doing business with, he is extremely excited at the prospect of his new brand which he is proud to put his name and coat of arms to, using some of his family’s most premium reserve wine in the new label.