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Atze's Estate GSM, If you loved it check this out..

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A-Label Estate G-S-M

Shiraz often steals the local limelight, but the insightful vignerons of the Barossa Valley know that the careful blending of this with Mataro and Grenache, results in something better than the sum of their parts.

This GSM is vibrantly purple, betraying the presence of that deeply-coloured, muscular Mataro building on the colour of the Grenache and Shiraz. On the bouquet, you can enjoy the sweet compote notes of blackcurrants and raspberries. It’s a complex, fascinating bouquet, which keeps you going back for more. GSM’s palate is precise and bright, with layered, elegant tannins supporting plush ripe dark berries and sweet red cherries. The fresh acidity which is retained in the wine adds an extra element of freshness and vibrancy lingering on the palate.