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The Barossa Valley

Unique Terroir and Ancient Vines

Along the Barossa Valley you are able to find various sub-regions separated by their different terroirs. Each wine grape is unique and each terroir has its own varietal intricacies and expression. Unique terroirs are responsible for how a wine will be shaped when it comes to taste, colour and smell.

Some of the most world-renowned sub-regions are Ebenezer and Koonunga and that's exactly where Atze's Corner's most prized vineyards are situated. These regions accommodate the most ancient of landscapes in the area, being an essential part of the Barossa Valley's story.

We are not the only ones in love with those terroirs – Penfold's, Rockford and Torbreck are just some of the wineries that have helped this region become so famous.

Deep red earth of the vineyards together with generations of passionate winemaking. This is the recipe that turned Atze's Corner label into a great symbol of quality and taste.

Master Craftsmanship

The Barossa Valley is the perfect place to grow premium wine grapes. Back in the days, the world class Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro have all thrived in the region. Today, plenty of Mediterranean varieties are also leaving their mark around the valley.

That's why we prepare our wines with minimal intervention, ensuring that the wine is at its absolute best when it reaches your table. Open and small-batch fermentation, hand plunging and pumping, oak maturation and minimal filtering completely change how a wine tastes.

Thanks to our talented craftsmen with years of winemaking expertise, our wines are handcrafted and absolutely unique.

However, don't take only our word for granted. After Atze's Corner wines are produced, expert winemaker Ryan Johns stops by to make sure each one of them has a professional eye and nose when it comes to quality and taste. Ryan has worked in multiple vintages in Bordeaux, France, but settled on his beloved home, the Barossa Valley.

Atze's Corner is a dream come true after six generations of viticultural expertise. We brought together exceptional terroir, ancient vineyards and all the passion that got us here today to produce the most exceptional wines.

Atze's Corner estate is proud to offer you an exclusive collection of handcrafted wines that you will love and remember. We hope you love them as much as we do!