Barossa Valley Winery | Atze's Corner Wines

Settlement of the Original Barossa Vignerons

German migrants first settled in the Barossa Valley back in 1843. They were
skilled mixed farmers and had expertise in the art of growing grapes and
making wine.

The conditions during that time of early settlement were extremely tough.
Today, you can still see some of their original plantings carved into the
beautiful Barossa landscape. Due to their limited availability and outstanding
quality, these old vineyards now produce some of the world's most sought
after wines.

Six generations later...

Founder of Atze’s Corner Winery, Andy Kalleske and his parents John and
Barb are the descendants of these first settlers to the Barossa Valley, and are
the proud owners and caretakers of a number of the wineries original
vineyards - the oldest of which dates back to 1912.

It is because of these old vineyards planted by their early ancestors, that
Atze’s Corner Wines was born. The estate now produces powerful, award-
winning red wines, and refreshing white and rosé styles. Atze's corner has
become one of the best and most admired Barossa Valley wineries in the

As soon as the wine is ready, expert winemaker, Ryan Johns, keeps a
professional eye and nose on their quality and taste. He has worked multiple
vintages in Bordeaux, France, and of course in his much loved home, the
Barossa Valley.

Atze's Corner is a small, Barossa Valley wine company with the passion
and commitment to handcraft wines that you will love and remember for
many years.