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Barossa Valley Winery | Atze's Corner Wines

Welcome to Atze's Corner Wines!

Everything you will experience here is the result of a delightful family passion. We are devoted to create fantastic wines that you will love and remember for many years.

Century-old Shiraz and the essence of the Barossa Valley are an intrinsic part of who we are. After six generations of vine growing and wine-making, we're proud to say that wine has run in our blood for over 175 years.

That's not all.

We evolved and our incredible vines evolved with us. Alternative varietals such as Vermentino, Durif, Montepulciano, Graciano and a few other secrets emerged. Join Atze's Corner Wines and discover the flavours of the Barossa Valley. You will fall in love just like we did.

Early Barossa Vignerons

Our ancestor moved to Australia from Eastern Prussia before settling in the Barossa Valley in 1843. They were skilled farmers who brought hope, years of expertise growing grapes and winemaking knowledge.

Conditions were extremely tough but their passion prevailed. If you look around, you can still see some of their original plantings carved into the gorgeous Barossa landscape. It's not a coincidence that these old vineyards produce some of the most glorious wines we have to this day. Their outstanding quality together with a handcrafted process makes our wines unbeatable.

Behind the Label

Andy Kalleske decided to take this family passion to the next level. In 2005, he started Atze's Corner and his own wine production. Nowadays, you can find exclusive, award-winning red wines, refreshing white and rosé styles under his label.

Along with his parents John and Barb, the Kalleske’s are the proud owners and caretakers of many original vineyards – the oldest dating back to 1912. These old vineyards, planted by their early ancestors, were the first spark that brought their wines to life.

Inherited Passion

Andy Kalleske was born in a family of vignerons. He's the sixth generation involved with grape growing and winemaking – always at the iconic Barossa Valley. He grew up among wine grapes and wine glasses, knowing by heart how to nurture the fragile old vines with passion and care.

Atze's Corner is an artisan winery that uses several amazing vineyards to produce it's wines. Handpicked grapes from family-owned vines around the Barossa Valley are the cornerstone of the business. One of the most iconic ones are the Shiraz vines planted in 1912 and 1951, owned by Barb and John Kalleske, Andy's parents. Other key vineyards they own are located at Koonunga and Ebenezer, iconic subregions of the Barossa renowned for its Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.