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November 19, 2014

A massive honour to one of your favourite Atze’s wines has taken out the “Power and Presence”  Award at the Adelaide Review Hot 100 awards in November 2014. 

Following up the 2010 Bachelor’s appearance in the Hot 100 the 2012 has gone one better to be judged best in it’s category among a very hot field. Backing up on The Bachelor 2012 narrowly missing a Gold at the 2014 Barossa wine Show when it took home a Silver medal in a very strong field.

It’s a huge honour for our team at Atze’s and a testament to the hard work that John, Barb and Ryan put into the vineyards and winery. And also a deal sealer on you, the wine punters choice in what our vineyards can produce, every time you pour some Atze’s into your wine glass!

If i could turn back the clock though i would have been paying more attention when the award was called out, yep in true country bloke style i was at the bar cleansing the palate with a beer when the award was announced, oops! The moment you dream of when you start out putting wine in a bottle accepting an award in front of a wine loving crowd missed. Oh well, next time! The important thing is the Bachelor is now placed among some of the finest drops in the country.

Back to the wine it’s been a quick fire sell as it was a knock out vintage, there’s still a few cases left at the time of writing so if you can get your hands on some now is the time. We literally have 2 bottles left in the rack of 2009 and 12 bottles left of the 2010, which will be kept as museum stock for reflective use only.

Here’s a quick bit of what Master of Wine Phil Reedman had to say about the award winning (Has a nice ring to it don’t you think!?) Shiraz…

The Bachelor Shiraz is the true off-spring of this exceptional vineyard: the deep ruby colour and intense aromas and flavours a product of Barb and John’s careful nurturing of the vines to produce a small crop of intensely flavoured grapes.

Dark fruits, black cherry and damson, call out on the bouquet and are complemented by sweet, spicy vanilla and mocha oak aromas.  The full-bodied palate is smooth and ripe, laden with silky tannins, rich sweet plum and chocolate flavours seasoned with notes of liquorice and black pepper.

Get yours now by clicking this link to order online and have it delivered to your door (Or PO Box!).

You can read more about the other winners and the great publication that is The Adelaide Review in the link below. A big thank you to the hardworking crew down there for putting on this great event and supporting our amazing industry.

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