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September 15, 2022

The evolution of Grenache dominant blends at Atze's and our brand new release Indulgent GSM!

We love our GSM in SA. Produced in most of our key winegrowing regions, each adaptation expresses a sense of place and a time stamp on what’s trending at the time. Whether it’s a different approach to oak, harvesting early versus late, or any number of natural / unfiltered /organic swings, there’s a way to shape GSM to suit. GSM is a pillar of our wine scene, past and present - and a versatile one at that.

Indulgent Grenache Wine Click Here

History of GSM blends

GSM epitomises the saying ‘greater than the sum of its parts.’ Brought to fame in the Côtes du Rhône as a perfect blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre, GSM is one of the most favoured red blends in the world, from everyday drinkers to winemakers and sommeliers.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape was the first region to create an appellation for the blend in 1936. We visited a few weeks ago and positively loved the region and its wine; there’s a lot to be said for its similarities to our own climate in the Barossa.

That balance

Beloved for its easy food pairing ability, beautiful balance and general medium-ness, GSM is the great unifier. With the ability to brilliantly balance tannin and body, acid and fruit flavour, this is the wine to bring when you don’t know what’s cooking, or who you might be dining with.

Grenache brings the acid and energy, alive in red fruit and spice. Shiraz contributes pepper and round body, adding a svelte undercurrent to the Grenache, while the Mourvèdre is the cherry on the cake, bringing tannin and length along for the ride.

GSM Down Under

We reckon Charlie Melton had a bit to do with the GSM name the Barossa has today. During the great vine pulling of the 80’s (shudder), Charlie was working for Peter Lehman. While others were buying up and saving hundred year old Shiraz vines, Charlie went ahead and purchased old vine, dry grown Grenache.

Grenache was far from what it is today. Uncool, neglected and misunderstood, no one was willing (nor able) to see the power of tending this grape. Motivated by the wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Charlie used Grenache as the star of his blends, creating the legacy for his Nine Popes GSM. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Indulgent 2020 GSM

Barossa Valley GSM

We think we’ve cracked the code when it comes to blending these three grapes to perfection. For the indulgent 2020 GSM, that means 60% glistening Grenache, 22% silky Shiraz and 18% grounding Mataro.

Growing majestically at Ebenezer, Northern Barossa, all the fruit for our 2020 Indulgent GSM is sourced from the Lorna Roehr vineyard. This makes it essentially a single vineyard blend that showcases both the natural nuance of site and the uniqueness of each varietal. Planted in ‘98, these vines are at an ideal maturity, producing fruit of intense concentration thanks to ancient soils that restrict vine growth.

In order to retain that fresh energy, the Grenache was treated to a slightly lighter touch in the winery, aged for eight months in seasoned French oak puncheons. The Shiraz and Mataro each spent a year in seasoned French and American oaks, lending extra velvety length and spicy complexity.

In keeping with the brighter style of this particulr red, we’ve refreshed the Indulgent packaging for the 2020 release and beyond.

Check out what Phil Reedman’s had to say about our bright and friendly GSM (read below)...

A classic Barossa blend sure to win friends whenever you open a bottle. There’s just so much to smell and taste when you combine these three varieties. The solid purple hue defines a young wine.

The lusciously fruited bouquet, complemented by hints of sweet cinnamon and clove spice is certain to charm. Spice, bright acidity and fruit are the heroes of the palate, fully living up to the Indulgent tag. Being medium-bodied and so full of fruit this wine can be served lightly chilled.

The perfect barbecue wine but for when you’re cooking a steak and not just snags and burgers. Drink now or cellar for five years to see that fruity complexity develop even more depth and layers

~ Phil Reedman (Master of Wine)

 Indulgent Grenache Wine Click Here

Barossa Valley Wine Blend

Graciano, a variety known for its crisp acidity, bright hue and red fruit flavours was our variety of choice back then, and luckily, we still have some back vintage of this blend to offer you today! Named “The Renegade”, the make-up of this wine being Grenache, Mataro & Graciano.

And recently we stumbled onto a few boxes of the 2013 Renegade hiding in the back corner of the winery and we’d love to share this wine with you.

Depending on your preference we’ve packaged up three deals for you today. An Indulgent GSM deal and not one, but two Renegade GMG Deals!

Choose yours by clicking the link below below, allocations are limited so get in quick!

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