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Shiraz wine from the Barossa Valley, Australia

When it comes to Shiraz wine, Australia produces some of the best in the world. And right at the heart of this incredible variety is Australia's most famous wine region, the Barossa Valley.

Atze's Corner is exceptional amongst Barossa Valley Wineries. We are specialists when it comes to Shiraz wine, having grown it for generations on some of the finest, ancient terroir in the country.

Australia has made its mark on the world stage in creating outstanding Shiraz wine, and you've come to the right place to find a full bodied and powerful example of it.

Browse and buy Atze's Corner's collection of award-winning A Label Shiraz wine online. Experience the intense Bachelor Shiraz all the way through to the limited release Old Vine collection.


Our Awards


    Atze's Corner wines have won almost 100 awards around the world for taste, quality and excellence in winemaking. Prestigious accolades include the James Halliday Top Ten Dark Horse award, and making the highly regarded Wine Enthusiast top 100, beating 22,000 other wines to be awarded a place on the list.