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April 20, 2020

Barossa Grenache – A wine for every palate

Of disputed origins, somewhere between Spain and the islands of Italy, Grenache is widely celebrated in Australia as the backbone or hero of a variety of wines and wine styles.

Known around the world by a variety of names including but not limited to Garnacha, Grenache, Garnaxa, Aragones or Cannonau, our beloved, adopted Mediterranean red thrives in the hot, dry climate of the Barossa Valley.


Barossa Grenache

A cornerstone of the Barossa’s reds selection, Grenache is as comfortable in a light food-friendly rosé as it is blended with other Barossan red varietals.

In the Barossa Valley, noble Grenache is synonymous with old vine. These are the gnarly, twisted vines you might pass as your drive through our region. Often low to the ground, or with impressive thick trunks, many viticulturists minimise irrigation of Grenache to improve its drought tolerance.

The shape of those vines are a testament to their ability to withstand our unforgiving Australian summers, and the often low yields of fruit offer a rewarding intensity of fruit flavour.

Letting Grenache stand on its own two feet and shine in all its red-fruited glory is a powerful statement. When nurtured correctly, 100% Grenache is hard to beat.

There’s a reason Tasting Australia’s Grenache Masterclass sells out every year – it’s a chance for the best of Barossa and McLaren Vale to battle it out!

Almost every great winemaker in the Barossa offers a take on the versatile grape, from full-bodied, high alcohol styles, to leaner, more fruit forward ‘drink now’ variants. Boy are we spoilt for choice.

Enjoy flavours from tutti frutti red berry bombs, strawberries and cream, clove, raspberry and cherry, spearmint, and white pepper.

Thanks to its wonderful flexibility, Grenache is a breeze to pair with a variety of dishes and cuisines.
A lean, fruity and youthful style pairs beautifully with a mushroom lasagne.
Dry, crisp Grenache Rosé is just the thing for an all-Aussie backyard seafood barbie, while blended with Mouvedre/Mataro and Shiraz, Grenache blends are a comfortable middle ground for the breadth of the family.

For Atze’s, our Grenache is made for hearty, slow cooked dishes – think lamb shanks and mash.

New Release: Atze’s Corner John & Barb’s 2018 Grenache

Holding off until the right calibre of fruit was ready means Atze’s haven’t released a Grenache since the sell-out 2012.

Hotly anticipated, the 2018 is worth the wait.

One precious acre of Grenache, planted in 1975 near Atze’s Corner, is low yielding and difficult to prune – making the fruits of their labour all the more sweet.

Andy says:

I loved the riper take on the variety and quality of the 2012 vintage, and have been waiting ever since to have another one good enough to put into bottle again.

At the time, John & Barb were considering pulling the vineyard out as the vines were low yielding and a pain in the butt to prune, so I thought if I put their name on the bottle as a single vineyard wine the vines would be safe!

After 14 Months in an 8 year old French oak puncheon, only one barrel was chosen out of 6 to be bottled for this limited release wine.

Bottled on the 8th August 2019, and a decade away from its peak, this wine in its youth revels in its silky body, fleshy strawberry and cream fruit with generous bouquet of roses and apricots.

Drink now to 2035. Be sure to decant it to open it up and let its quality shine.

Heading into the cooler months, a steady stock of comforting Barossan reds really is the perfect elixir for a peaceful hibernation.

Quality over quantity, as always.

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