June 17, 2012

Time to update this blog/news page with a bit more regularity then a Barossa Valley Grape grower tells you he/she has lesser quality fruit then their neighbor!

Short, sharp and shiny is the go with this one.

A quick tribute to our oldest shiraz vineyard which turned 100 years old this year. Planted in 1912 by the Atze Family’s workmen Eddie Staehr and Eddies Liebig using a crow bar to make the planting holes for the small vine rootlings.

So what do we do? While we wait for their letter from the Queen we thought we’d through a party for the old girls 100th birthday.

You will need to have some patience with the 2012 vintage though, another 18-24 months in oak barrels plus some ageing in bottle it won’t be available til 2015 at the earliest… Apologies folks!And boy did they put on a show this vintage for us, the fruit looked amazing and the wine produced from this vineyard and our other two oldest Shiraz blocks is choice and possibly up there with the best vintages we have seen in our short history of making the wine from ourselves.

It will be released and bottled as a single vineyard wine under a Centurion banner/label, ensuring the survival of an iconic and special vineyard that is one of the oldest in the world!

In the mean time though the fruit from this block  can be sipped back from a bottle of Eddies Old Vine Barossa Valley Shiraz. You can try in it’s current release of the 2007 Vintage, a big ballsy number which has been well received at pre release tastings. After the success of the 2006 vintage it is a great pleasure to show this new vintage as well.

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