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November 09, 2017

“Bragging” Rights!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that on the 5th of September at the public Schools Club at Club BRAGGS  in Adelaide we were awarded the…….

Riedel Trophy AND voted the Sandford House People’s Choice Award!

What was a great day pouring the following wines to an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd.

  • White Knight Vermentino 2014
  • The Mob Montepulciano 2014
  • Zen Master Centurion Shiraz 2012

After being asked to fill in  at a lead up event back in January  and receiving a warm reception Atze’s was asked back to the second annual Riedel Trophy that has been run. The previous winner was Damien Tscharke in a strong field which included Kalleske Wines, Howard Vineyard, David Franz to name a few.

This year 8 other wineries competed for the coveted trophy.  Lambert Estate, 919 wines, Mosquito Hill, Bent Creek, Greg Cooley, Ngeringa, Cradle of Hills and Tim Smith.

Some excellent wines and great people showing three of their much loved wines each.

In the back room three judges Jane Paull, Tim James and Margot Muir blind tasted all the wines and scored them as with official show rules/criteria.

While it was a frenzy of activity with over 130 people sipping through the wines in the beautifully located old Clubb Braggs building next to the parklands on East Terrace!

The two wines which shone for the judges were the alternates for us, yet to be released “The Mob” Montepulciano 2014 and “White Knight” Vermentino 2014 were described as world class.

The Zen Master was a big hit for the public tasting as a rare opportunity to try a single vineyard wine from a 100 year old vineyard, it was a pleasure to pour this one considering the small amount we have in the shed!

In closing it was a great day capped off by winning the Judges vote and people choice. A thank you to Sioux and the crew at Clubb Broggs for putting on a great event which will be aorund for years to come. Riedel and Sandford house for their generous support… And of course to every one who turned out, tried the wine and had a chat.

I believe Atze’s also won most messy table cloth for the day. Sorry laundry!!

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