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September 24, 2017

Wine making process.

Let’s take a quick look at the process after the fruit is delivered from the vineyard, and how the wine is made.

From entry into the winery the fruit is looked after with the utmost care

  • The fruit is put through a small destemmer removing the grapes from the stalks.
  • Transferred to small 1-3 tonne fermenting vessels (1 tonne of grapes = approximately 650-700 litres of end wine)
  • Cold soaked for 2-3 days for maximum colour extraction
  • Generally a wild ferment will be allowed to take place, cultured yeast will then be added later in the ferment, to finish of the fermenting process.
  • Once Ferment is near completion it will be hand shoveled into the basket-press for pressing.
  • This is where the wine is pressed from the must,
  • Generally the wine will be transferred directly to French or American Oak barrels.
  • Here it will finish of fermentation and under go malo-lactic fermentation in the following weeks to months,
  •  Rack the wine off the lees (all the sediment created from the dead yeast cells) hot wash the barrels
  • The wine is returned back to the barrel with a touch of preservative sulphur to protect it from any nasty s!

That of course is a very quick and brief snapshot of the process up until blending, along the way each individual barrel is monitored on a consistent basis for quality and final usage decisions, the final blending and finishing of the wine is the final key task prior to bottling.

After the wine has been bottled, the wine will be stored in storage where the temperature will be kept as close to 15 degrees constant as possible, the wine will then only be bottled when it’s at its absolute best.

From the bottle to the glass for you to try…… At last!

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