May 23, 2014

Let me introduce to you a good mate and an expert in the field of all things wine, Phil Reedman MW, he’s been in the game for over 30 years now and boy does he know his stuff! He’s been kind enough to put his nose and palate on the line to talk you through a few of our wines, today he’s had a look “The Bachelor” 2012 Shiraz. You’ll love this guys engaging writing style and more importantly his expert opinion on wines. 

The MW’s Corner- by Phil Reedman.

The Bachelor Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012

Remember 1977?  It was an eventful year; the population of Australia topped 14 million, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Silver Jubilee, Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister, Mrs Evans gave birth to a son: Cadel, Mrs Haddin gave birth to Brad and red wine sales were doing quite nicely thank you very much.  With this as the background Barb and John Kalleske planted their recently acquired land at Koonunga with Shiraz vines.  The block was christened “The Bachelor Block” in honour of Bert “The Bachelor” Kleing from whom the block was purchased.

Thirty-something years later (Cadel was winning on his bike and Brad was a pretty handy cricketer)  Barb and John were still lovingly tending their vines Andy, their winemaking son, identified The Bachelor Block as one that he’d like to make into his own wine.  The local winemakers who had been eagerly buying the grapes each year knew just how good they were: low yielding, mature vines on a great site in the midst of the world renowned Barossa Valley.  But these were grapes which needed to be fermented with as much care as they’re grown with and bottled on their own to show just how classic the vineyard really is. Luckily Andy realised this.

The 2012 The Bachelor Shiraz is the true off-spring of this exceptional vineyard: the deep ruby colour and intense aromas and flavours a product of Barb and John’s careful nurturing of the vines to produce a small crop of intensely flavoured grapes.

Dark fruits, black cherry and damson, call out on the bouquet and are complemented by sweet, spicy vanilla and mocha oak aromas.  The full-bodied palate is smooth and ripe, laden with silky tannins, rich sweet plum and chocolate flavours seasoned with notes of liquorice and black pepper.

While still very youthful this 2012 vintage is a great drink now packed with powerful fruit as it is.  But from an excellent vintage as 2012 was this wine will mature for easily eight years and likely a way beyond that. Drink it with steak or classy Margherita pizza. It really is classic Barossa Valley Shiraz and a fitting tribute to owners former and present.

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