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July 06, 2020

A-Label Estate Range - Barossa Classics.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on our A-Label reds range. And some exciting new vintages!

Made up of three iconic wines that find a comfortable home in the Barossa region, our A-Label reds are more than just ‘entry level’. To be frank, we wouldn’t bother making them if we didn’t think they were worthy of putting my name to.

These wines, grown on our Barossa estate, represent wonderful value for money as well as the quintessential Atze’s characteristics you’ve come to know and love, designed for vibrant drinking in their youth, while rewarding you with a little careful cellaring.

 Get your A-Label Estate Reds here

Barossa’s Cornerstones

Grenache, Mataro, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon were first brought to the Barossa in the 1840s and 1850s and stand as iconic pillars of the region today. In the early days, these grapes were popular among growers and winemakers for their generous yield. Volume-driven vineyards of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro often found themselves as the key ingredient in port and fortifieds, while today, quality over quantity reigns supreme.

As times change, and ‘new’ varietals enter the fold in our region, it begs the question: These grapes might have been here first, but does that necessarily mean they are the best fit?

Based on the last ten vintages, particularly 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020 (yes, almost all of them) we believe it’s a resounding yes. Barossan Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro grapes, particularly Shiraz, continue to steal the limelight for a reason.

Our A-Label Estate 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon is well on truly on the radar with our regular Atze’s drinkers (just check out its reviews here!), offering incredible value for money with its approachable weight. Grown in the Ebenezer subregion, it balances a softer style with an exciting range of flavours on the palate, while its ripeness helps it appeal to those seeking a rounder red.

Meanwhile, the moorish A-Label Estate 2016 Shiraz is a perfect example of what we do best, utilising simple artisan techniques that treat grapes gently. Destemmed without crushing, hand pumped over and basket pressed before it rests in oak, generous dark fruit, peppery spice, and vanilla wrap the mouth on the curtails of mouth-watering tannins. It’s the perfect hump day red when you’re unsure if you need a glass or two.

 Get your A-Label Estate Reds here

Barossan Blends

Following on from further Rhone Valley trends, Australians started to blend Grenache with it’s vineyard neighbours to make blended table wines. For most, it’s not for or against blending. Varietal and single vineyards are a wonderful chance to create something that speaks of place, while blends allow the winemaker to play the alchemist.

We believe time has allowed us to crack the code for perfectly balanced blending in the Barossa. While you’ll now see more Grenache standing on its own two feet and released to shine in all its glory, the art of blending creates beautiful wines that tie together the great characteristics of our most revered grapes.

I can’t speak for the past, but today, we work varietals together in blends to shine, rather than to mask or ‘blend away’ undesirable characteristics. When blended with care and understanding, a standout blend will be better than the sum of its varietal parts.

Our brand ne release A-label 2018 GSM throws the focus back on Grenache, making up 60% of the blend, with a supporting cast of juicy Shiraz and Mataro spice, adding length and suppleness.

As a collective, the A-team showcase four celebrated grapes that prosper in their adopted home. We believe the A-label GSM is as strong an example of Barossa Shiraz as its varietal counterpart, equally as impressive when working in unison as it stands alone.

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